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Keller, S; Weiser, J; Wegensteiner, R.
(2009): Tarichium hylobii sp nov., a pathogen of Hylobius abietis
SYDOWIA. 2009; 61(2): 249-254.

Keller S., Weiser J. & Wegensteiner R. (2008) Tarichium hylobii sp. nov., a pathogen of Hylobius abietis. Sydowia 61 (2): 249-254. Tarichium hylobii sp. nov. (Zygomycetes, Entomophthorales) from larval Hylobius abietis L. collected in the Czech Republic is described. The resting spores are grey in mass and light brown in microscopic preparations. They are spherical to subspherical and have a diameter of 28.1-31.1 (24-36) mu m including the irregularly undulating bulges and ridges of the endospore. Data are given to separate it from the similar species T, cleoni.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Wegensteiner Rudolf

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