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Benjak, A; Forneck, A; Casacuberta, JM.
(2008): Genome-Wide Analysis of the "Cut-and-Paste'' Transposons of Grapevine
PLOS ONE. 2008; 3(9): FullText FullText_BOKU

Background: The grapevine is a widely cultivated crop and a high number of different varieties have been selected since its domestication in the Neolithic period. Although sexual crossing has been a major driver of grapevine evolution, its vegetative propagation enhanced the impact of somatic mutations and has been important for grapevine diversity. Transposable elements are known to be major contributors to genome variability and, in particular, to somatic mutations. Thus, transposable elements have probably played a major role in grapevine domestication and evolution. The recent publication of the complete grapevine genome opens the possibility for an in deep analysis of its transposon content. Principal Findings: We present here a detailed analysis of the "cut-and-paste'' class II transposons present in the genome of grapevine. We characterized 1160 potentially complete grapevine transposons as well as 2086 defective copies. We report on the structure of each element, their potentiality to encode a functional transposase, and the existence of matching ESTs that could suggest their transcription. Conclusions: Our results show that these elements have transduplicated and amplified cellular sequences and some of them have been domesticated and probably fulfill cellular functions. In addition, we provide evidences that the mobility of these elements has contributed to the genomic variability of this species.
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Forneck Astrid
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