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Saleh, AAH; El-Meleigy, SA; Ebad, FA; Helmy, MA; Jentschke, G; Godbold, DL.
(1999): Base cations ameliorate Zn toxicity but not Cu toxicity in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris)
J PLANT NUTR SOIL SC. 1999; 162(3): 275-279. FullText FullText_BOKU

Seedlings of sugar beet (Bera vulgaris) were grown in nutrient solutions containing a range of Cu and Zn concentrations. Based on measurements of shoot and root length and dry weight, copper was found to be already toxic at 10 mu M, while Zn became toxic at 100 mu M. At Cu and Zn levels found to induce a similar level of growth inhibiton, the influence of increasing the supply of K, Ca and Mg was investigated. Increasing the concentration of both Ca and Mg in the nutrient solution attenuated the degree of inhibition of root growth by Zn, but not Cu. Potassium did not affect the toxicity of either Cu or Zn. An increase in Ca decreased the level of both Cu and Zn in roots. Magnesium ameliorated the toxicity effects of Zn without effecting the Zn concentration in the roots. Treatment with Zn significantly decreased the concentration of Mg in the roots. An increased supply of Mg lowered the percentage decrease in root Mg concentration due to Zn toxicity. The maintenance of an adequate Mg level in the roots may be critical to prevent Zn induced inhibition of root growth.
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Godbold Douglas L.
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