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Ahn, K; Hennniges, U; Banik, G; Potthast, A.
(2012): Is cellulose degradation due to beta-elimination processes a threat in mass deacidification of library books?
CELLULOSE. 2012; 19(4): 1149-1159. FullText FullText_BOKU

As papers become acidic and brittle over time, libraries apply mass deacidification processes to their collections in order to neutralize acids and deposit an alkaline reserve in the paper. Books commonly treated by mass deacidification have undergone natural aging of up to 150 years. The risk of alkali-induced degradation of cellulosic material upon mass deacidification remains uncertain. In the present study, the extent of beta-elimination-type degradation reactions was investigated by comparing deacidified and non-deacidified counterparts, using deacidified library materials and identical issues of non-deacidified books from second-hand book shops. The study dealt with only naturally-aged papers focusing on investigation of immediate effects of mass deacidification rather than a long-term impact. Gel permeation chromatography coupled with carbonyl group labeling gave insight into cellulose chain cleavage as well as into the behavior of oxidized functionalities. Processes occurring under natural aging conditions were compared to those upon artificial oxidation of model pulps. Library books did not show a significant reduction in molecular weight after mass deacidification compared to the non-deacidified controls, which stands in contrast to oxidized model pulps. The models showed a more pronounced loss of molecular weight upon deacidification treatments. A decrease in carbonyl groups other than reducing ends was found to occur. Thus, oxidized functionalities were found to be reactive in mass-deacidification reactions; the different behavior was traced down to particular regions of oxidative damage along the cellulose chains. In general, beta-elimination processes did not pose a large risk factor upon mass deacidification treatments of the naturally-aged library material tested.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Ahn Kyujin
Banik Gerhard
Henniges Ute
Potthast Antje

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