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Weigl, M; Wimmer, R; Ters, T; Mitter, R; Kuncinger, T.
(2012): Within-process and seasonal changes during industrial production of high-density fibreboard. Part 1: Influence of wood species composition on polyoses in the products
HOLZFORSCHUNG. 2012; 66(5): 667-672. FullText FullText_BOKU

Industrially produced high-density fibreboard fibres are inhomogeneous in structure and chemical composition. Changes in polysaccharide chemistry during processing have an impact on strength loss, fibre separation and structural alterations. In the present study, carbohydrate composition of extracted wood chips and refiner fibres was monitored for a year at an industrial HDF plant. The polysaccharides were analysed via methanolysis and quantification of the monomeric sugars released. Significant reductions of arabinose, xylose, rhamnose and galacturonic acid were observed. The amount of glucose and extractable substances increased. The depletion of galacturonic acid and rhamnose indicates a degradation of pectin located in the compound middle lamella. The diminishing amounts of the other sugars and elevated extractive contents are a result of hemicellulose degradation. A pronounced seasonal variability of the data was observed depending on the processed wood species and degree of chemical degradation.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Weigl Martin
Wimmer Rupert

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