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Mayer, HK; Fiechter, G.
(2012): Physicochemical characteristics of goat's milk in Austria-seasonal variations and differences between six breeds
DAIRY SCI TECHNOL. 2012; 92(2): 167-177. FullText FullText_BOKU

Despite the increasing economic importance of goatxxxs milk in Europe, no current data on the chemical composition and physical properties of this milk species are available in Austria. Thus, milk samples of six dairy goat breeds in Austria (Bunte Deutsche Edelziege, Pinzgauer Ziege, Saanenziege, Strahlenziege, Toggenburger Ziege, Weie Deutsche Edelziege) were analysed for physicochemical characteristics for 8 months from March to October. Considerable seasonal variations, but nearly no statistically significant differences between milk samples from these six goat breeds were observed regarding most parameters. The mean values obtained for all breeds during the whole season were as follows: pH 6.55, freezing point depression 0.549 A degrees C, ash 0.828%, total solids 12.24% (w/w), crude protein 3.35% (w/w), casein 2.40% (w/w), whey protein 0.63% (w/w), urea 0.325 ga <...L-1, fat 3.67%, lactose 4.23%, citric acid 0.913 ga <...L-1, phosphorus 1.088 ga <...L-1, chloride 1.708 ga <...L-1, sodium 0.304 ga <...L-1, potassium 1.759 ga <...L-1, calcium 1.256 ga <...L-1, magnesium 0.128 ga <...L-1, orotic acid 13.59 mga <, beta-carotene 0.419 mga <...L-1, retinol 0.502 mga <...L-1, riboflavin 1.050 mga <...L-1, and cholesterol 12.4 mga <...100 g(-1) milk, respectively. The studies on fatty acid profiles revealed the following mean values: C4:0 2.73%, C6:0 2.10%, C8:0 1.86%, C10:0 5.80%, C12:0 2.52%, C14:0 7.07%, C16:0 23.73%, C18:0 11.84%, and C18:1 28.14%. Unexpected high levels were obtained for C18:2 (5.06%) and C18:3 (0.59 %), respectively. This work provides an updated information on the current physicochemical characteristics of goatxxxs milk in Austria, which can be of great importance in the fields of dairy and food technology, nutrition science, and food analysis, respectively.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Fiechter Gregor
Mayer Helmut

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