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Steurer, R; Martinuzzi, A; Margula, S.
(2012): Public Policies on CSR in Europe: Themes, Instruments, and Regional Differences
CORP SOC RESP ENV MA. 2012; 19(4): 206-227. FullText FullText_BOKU

Governments, in particular in Western Europe, have become increasingly active in promoting and shaping corporate social responsibility (CSR). The present paper conceptually and empirically characterises the public policies on CSR in Europe. In a first (conceptual) step, public policies on CSR are portrayed by distinguishing five types of policy instruments (i.e. legal, economic, informational, partnering, and hybrid tools) that can be employed in four fields of action (i.e. awareness for CSR, transparency, socially responsible investment, and leading by example). In a second (empirical) step, this typology is employed to show how EU member states actually promote CSR policies. The empirical stocktaking provides an overview of more than 200 policy instruments in three of the four fields of action. In a third step, the paper compares the status of public policies on CSR in Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). By means of a simple instrument count and an analysis of variance (ANOVA) it is shown that Western European (particularly Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian) governments are significantly more active in promoting CSR than governments in CEE countries. Since these differences mirror the differences regarding the popularity of CSR as a management approach in Europe, the paper concludes that public policies on CSR reinforce rather than offset the European CSR gap. Copyright (c) 2011 John Wiley *** Sons, Ltd and ERP Environment.
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Steurer Reinhard

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