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Konotop, Y; Meszaros, P; Spiess, N; Mistrikova, V; Pirselova, B; Libantova, J; Moravcikova, J; Taran, N; Hauptvogel, P; Matusikova, I.
(2012): Defense responses of soybean roots during exposure to cadmium, excess of nitrogen supply and combinations of these stressors
MOL BIOL REP. 2012; 39(12): 10077-10087. FullText FullText_BOKU

Heavy metal pollution is a serious environmental problem in agricultural soils since the uptake of heavy metals by plants represents an entry point into the food chain and is influenced by the form and amount of nitrogen (N) fertilization. Here we studied the defense responses in soybean roots exposed to ions of cadmium (applied as 50 mg l(-1) Cd2+) when combined with an excessive dose of N in form of NH4NO3. Our data indicate that despite of stunted root growth, several stress symptoms typically observed upon cadmium treatment, e.g. peroxidation of lipid membranes or activation of chitinase isoforms, become suppressed at highly excessive N. At the same time, other defense mechanisms such as catalases and proline accumulation were elevated. Most importantly, the interplay of ongoing responses resulted in a decreased uptake of the metal into the root tissue. This report points to the complexity of plant defense responses under conditions of heavy metal pollution combined with intensive fertilization in agriculture.
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