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Hachiya, T; Watanabe, CK; Boom, C; Tholen, D; Takahara, K; Kawai-Yamada, M; Uchimiya, H; Uesono, Y; Terashima, I; Noguchi, K.
(2010): Ammonium-dependent respiratory increase is dependent on the cytochrome pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana shoots
PLANT CELL ENVIRON. 2010; 33(11): 1888-1897. FullText FullText_BOKU

Oxygen uptake rates are increased when concentrated ammonium instead of nitrate is used as sole N source. Several explanations for this increased respiration have been suggested, but the underlying mechanisms are still unclear. To investigate possible factors responsible for this respiratory increase, we measured the O(2) uptake rate, activity and transcript level of respiratory components, and concentration of adenylates using Arabidopsis thaliana shoots grown in media containing various N sources. The O(2) uptake rate was correlated with concentrations of ammonium and ATP in shoots, but not related to the ammonium assimilation. The capacity of the ATP-coupling cytochrome pathway (CP) and its related genes were up-regulated when concentrated ammonium was sole N source, whereas the ATP-uncoupling alternative oxidase did not influence the extent of the respiratory increase. Our results suggest that the ammonium-dependent increase of the O(2) uptake rate can be explained by the up-regulation of the CP, which may be related to the ATP consumption by the plasma-membrane H+-ATPase.
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Tholen Daniel
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