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Retzer, K; Butt, H; Korbei, B; Luschnig, C; .
(2014): The far side of auxin signaling: fundamental cellular activities and their contribution to a defined growth response in plants.
Protoplasma. 2014; 251(4):731-746 FullText FullText_BOKU

Recent years have provided us with spectacular insights into the biology of the plant hormone auxin, leaving the impression of a highly versatile molecule involved in virtually every aspect of plant development. A combination of genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology has established auxin signaling pathways, leading to the identification of two distinct modes of auxin perception and downstream regulatory cascades. Major targets of these signaling modules are components of the polar auxin transport machinery, mediating directional distribution of the phytohormone throughout the plant body, and decisively affecting plant development. Alterations in auxin transport, metabolism, or signaling that occur as a result of intrinsic as well as environmental stimuli, control adjustments in morphogenetic programs, giving rise to defined growth responses attributed to the activity of the phytohormone. Some of the results obtained from the analysis of auxin, however, do not fit coherently into a picture of highly specific signaling events, but rather suggest mutual interactions between auxin and fundamental cellular pathways, like the control of intracellular protein sorting or translation. Crosstalk between auxin and these basic determinants of cellular activity and how they might shape auxin effects in the control of morphogenesis are the subject of this review.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Korbei Barbara
Luschnig Christian
Retzer Katarzyna
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