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Ulberth, F., Gabernig, R..
(1997): Quantitative aspects of triglyceride analysis by gas-liquid chromatography using a short metal capillary column.
J. Chromatogr. A, 773, 233-237

The performance of a gas-liquid chromatographic system employing a short mega-bore metal capillary column for the analysis of the triglyceride (TG) profile of milk fat was studied. By utilising experimental design, significant effects of the composition of the flame ionization detection (FID) fuel gases on quantitation of the analytes were observed. This was attributed to the dynamically changing gas mixture composition reaching the detector as a result of a reduction in the flow-rate of the carrier gas due to temperature programming. Provided that FID fuel gases were optimised, theoretical response factors for a series of saturated TGs were obtained. Furthermore, it was shown that the ''effective carbon number'' of saturated TGs equals the total number of C atoms minus the three carboxyl C atoms. Analytical precision expressed as the relative standard deviation of repeated milk fat analyses was <1% for TG groups representing >1% of the total TG profile.
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