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Ludvig, A; Weiss, G.
(2013): Governing carbon efficiency. The international regime of standards in wooden construction
OSTERR Z POLITWISS. 2013; 42(3): 329-342.

One feature of globalisation is the increasing spread of international standards. In general, standards define benchmarks and rules for production. They can stem from a variety of sources ranging from NGOs to industries and governments. This article focuses on standard setting by international standards development organisations. We explore into the global regimes that govern standards for wooden products that are used in construction. Although the regimes are under the notion of "self-regulation", such forms of "private" governing are questionable from a democratic perspective. The article explores the composition and interest distribution of the actors steering standardisation in construction. Construction is one of the biggest producers of green house gas emissions. Since recently wood has been promoted as a means of carbon storage we focus on the norms that internationally are the most dominant with the intention to regulate sustainability and carbon efficiency for wood use in construction. Standardisation in this emerging field is still under development. The article aims to draw a comprehensive picture of the institutionalised rules and processes that up to now are globally most influential. In conclusion the process is best described as a "regulation of self-regulation" taking place mainly under the institutional umbrella of the private actors CEN and ISO, with some influence from governments.
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Ludvig Alice
Weiß Gerhard
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