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Causon, TJ; Broeckhoven, K; Hilder, EF; Shellie, RA; Desmet, G; Eeltink, S.
(2011): Kinetic performance optimisation for liquid chromatography: Principles and practice
J SEP SCI. 2011; 34(8): 877-887. FullText FullText_BOKU

This HPLC tutorial focuses on the preparation and use of kinetic plots to characterise the performance in isocratic and gradient LC. This graphical approach allows the selection of columns (i.e. optimum particle size and column length) and LC conditions (operating pressure and temperature) to generate a specific number of plates or peak capacity in the shortest possible analysis time. Instrument aspects including the influence of extra-column effects (maximum allowable system volume) and thermal operating conditions (oven type) on performance are discussed. In addition, the performance characteristics of porous-shell particle-packed columns and monolithic stationary phases are presented and the potential of future column designs is discussed.
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Causon Tim

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