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Frickh, J. J., Pichler, W. A., Zollitsch, W..
(1996): Untersuchung über den Einsatz von Hirse (Sorghum bicolor var. bicolor L.) in der Schweinemast.
Wiener Tierärztl. Monatsschrift, 83, 178-184

An experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of substituting maize, triticale and barley for Sorghum bicolor var. bicolor L. in diets for growing pigs on fattening performance and slaughtering performance. The test started at 30 kg body mass and was finished at 110 kg. Maize and triticale were substituted for sorghum grain at levels of 0, 10, 20, and 30 % of the diet. Average daily feed intake, average daily gain and feed conversion were not affected by dietary sorghum levels. Pigs fed diets containing 20 % sorghum grew a little faster than those fed with 0, 10 or 30 % sorghum. Fat percentage was slightly higher and estimated lean meal percentage was slightly lower, fat : muscle ratio was higher on diet containing 30 % sorghum but sorghum diets did not influence carcass yield, cold carcass weight, pH-value, conductivity and meat yield. From the data presented here, feeding of diets containing up to 20 % of sorghum can be recommended maintaining fattening and slaughtering performance.
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Zollitsch Werner

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