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Curto, M; Nogueira, M; Beja, P; Amorim, F; Schumann, M; Meimberg, H.
(2015): Influence of past agricultural fragmentation to the genetic structure of Juniperus oxycedrus in a Mediterranean landscape
TREE GENET GENOMES. 2015; 11(2): FullText FullText_BOKU

Habitat fragmentation can have a profound effect on the genetic diversity of forest species. These effects are especially interesting when forests previously fragmented by agriculture start to reconnect due to land abandonment. In this study, we investigate the genetic structure and diversity patterns of Juniperus oxycedrus populations from the Sabor river valley in Northeast Portugal. We developed 17 microsatellite markers using pyrosequencing technology as implemented in the 454 platform. As expected, among population differentiation was low with high variability within populations. There was no strong pattern of genetic structure in our analyses (F-ST=0.018) suggesting that the individuals analyzed here belong to one population. The genetic structure seems to be equally explained by locality and by tree age. We hypothesize that this is a consequence of the land use history from the region. After the abandonment of cultivated fields, these terrains were probably colonized by individuals from a few older J. oxycedrus populations. Thus, the genetic structure pattern found may best be explained by this recent expansion. This expansion may be currently influenced by the construction of two hydroelectric dams that will flood areas with older individuals of the species.
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Cardoso Curto Manuel Antonio
Meimberg Harald
Schümann Maximiliane
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