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Kainzinger, S; Arnberger, A; Burns, RC.
(2016): Setting Preferences of High and Low Use River Recreationists: How Different are They?
ENVIRON MANAGE. 2016; 58(5): 767-779. FullText FullText_BOKU

Whitewater boaters often choose a river based on their preferences for attributes important for their trip experience. This study explored whether preferences and tradeoffs of whitewater boaters for social, resource, and managerial attributes of riverscapes differ among a high and a low use river in the United States by employing a stated choice approach. River trip scenarios were displayed using verbal descriptions and computer-generated photographs. Results indicate that use levels were more important for boaters on the low use river, whereas river difficulty and river access fee was of higher importance for the high use river boaters, who are more involved in this whitewater activity. Preferences for waiting times and trip length did not differ between the samples. Findings suggest that whitewater boaters of high and low use rivers have a different tradeoff behavior among river setting attributes, which has implications for river recreation management.
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Arnberger Arne
Kainzinger Silvia
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