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Kreisler, A; Moser, M; Aigner, J; Rindler, R; Tritthart, M; Habersack, H.
(2017): Analysis and classification of bedload transport events with variable process characteristics
GEOMORPHOLOGY. 2017; 291: 57-68. FullText FullText_BOKU

Knowledge about the magnitude of bedload fluxes at given hydraulic conditions in natural streams is essential for improved process understanding, for the application, calibration and validation of bedload transport formulas, and for numerical sediment transport models. Nonetheless, extensive field measurements of bedload transport are challenging and therefore data from such efforts are rare. Bedload transport has been measured comprehensively at the downstream section of the Urslau torrent in Salzburg, Austria, since 2011. We used an integrative monitoring system that combines direct (mobile basket sampler, slot sampler) and indirect measuring devices (geophone plates). Continuous information about the intensity and distribution of bedload transport within the channel cross-section is available in high spatial and temporal resolution. Seven geophone plates at a stream width of 8 m are part of a measurement system that delivers data in 1-min intervals. These geophone data are calibrated using results of direct bedload measurements, providing an opportunity to calculate bedload rates and bedload yields in selected time periods. Continuous data on the bedload transport process over three years enabled assessing several bedload transport events. The investigation of bedload transport rate/discharge relationships reveals order-of-magnitude changes. For individual events, we observed shifts in the data, reflecting different bedload rates at comparable hydraulic conditions. This study reveals that variable sediment supply conditions affect the prevailing bedload transport rates at the Urslau stream. Calculating the bedload transport efficiency enables comparing bedload transport events that exhibit similar process characteristics. Finally, we provide a conceptual model of bedload transport process types as a function of bedload transport efficiency and dimensionless stream power. (C) 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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Habersack Helmut
Kreisler Andrea
Rindler Rolf
Tritthart Michael
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