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Kernecker, M; Vogl, CR; Melendez, AA.
(2017): Women's local knowledge of water resources and adaptation to landscape change in the mountains of Veracruz, Mexico
ECOL SOC. 2017; 22(4): FullText FullText_BOKU

Rural development shaped by global pressures aims to improve livelihoods and market access in remote communities. However, rural development measures can alter landscapes, and change the embedded natural resources and access to them. In Mexico, rural women and their livelihoods are frequently most affected by changes in water resources. This study focused on women in Coatitilan, a small community (population 255) in the mountains of Veracruz, Mexico. A road construction project blocked the main pipe that distributes water throughout the community. Also, river water was unusable for women living downstream of a trout cultivation project. Participant observation and interviews were used to determine how women in Coatitilan dealt with limited water access and reduced quality. Womenxxxs local knowledge of the landscape highlighted the location of water springs that had previously been used infrequently, and underlined the importance of vegetation in controlling water resources. Womenxxxs local knowledge of climate demonstrated local expressions for weather, and highlighted the importance of prayer for dealing with unforeseen events. Kinship provided several women with access to water from privately owned springs. This study shows that women in Coatitilan adapted their water management by relying on their local knowledge of landscape and climate, and on social networks. These results suggest that womenxxxs local knowledge could play an important role in planning development projects, and it helps women adapt to abrupt changes.
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Vogl Christian R.
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