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Kuhn, E; Haselmair, R; Pirker, H; Vogl, CR.
(2018): The role of ethnic tourism in the food knowledge tradition of Tyrolean migrants in Treze Tilias, SC, Brazil
J ETHNOBIOL ETHNOMED. 2018; 14: FullText FullText_BOKU

Background: Food knowledge and consumption in the context of migration is an important topic in ethnobiological research. Little research is done on the process of how external factors impact food knowledge amongst migrants. Taking into account social organisation and power relations of food knowledge transmission and distribution of food knowledge, this study sheds light on how the accessibility of resources, the predominant cuisine in the host country and ethnic tourism influences the food knowledge tradition of Tyrolean migrants and their descendants in Treze Tilias. Methods: Field research was conducted in Austria and Brazil in 2008-2009, using free-listing, social network analysis and participatory observation. The collected data was analysed by calculating Smithxxxs Salience index, visualising personal and social networks and qualitative text analysis. Results: Tyroleans in Austria had a different perception and a higher agreement of what Tyrolean food comprises than Tyroleans in Brazil, indicating different developments: Tyrolean migrants adapted their food habits according to available resources and over time in Brazil. Later, ethnic tourism had a strong impact: In Treze Tilias, dishes with the highest Smithxxxs Salience index-forming the core of cultural food knowledge-strongly coincided with Tyrolean food served in ethnic restaurants, whose staff were perceived to be experts in Tyrolean food. Conclusion: Despite most food knowledge in Treze Tilias was transmitted within families, ethnic food prepared in restaurants and hotels determined the shared perception of what Tyrolean food comprises. Perceived as experts, the staff in ethnic restaurants were in a powerful position to transform cultural food knowledge by providing institutionalised and standardised knowledge about Tyrolean food.
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Haselmair Ruth
Kuhn Elisabeth
Pirker Heidemarie
Vogl Christian R.
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