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Beziat, C; Kleine-Vehn, J.
(2018): The Road to Auxin-Dependent Growth Repression and Promotion in Apical Hooks
CURR BIOL. 2018; 28(8): R519-R525. FullText FullText_BOKU

The phytohormone auxin controls growth rates within plant tissues, but the underlying mechanisms are still largely enigmatic. The apical hook is a superb model to understand differential growth, because it displays both auxin-dependent growth repression and promotion. In this special issue on membranes, we illustrate how the distinct utilization of vesicle trafficking contributes to the spatial control of polar auxin transport, thereby pinpointing the site of growth repression in apical hooks. We moreover highlight that the transition to growth promotion is achieved by balancing inter-and intracellular auxin transport. We emphasize here that the apical hook development is a suitable model to further advance our mechanistic knowledge on plant growth regulation.
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Beziat Chloe Charlotte Justine
Kleine-Vehn Jürgen
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