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Herrmann, A; Livanos, P; Lipka, E; Gadeyne, A; Hauser, MT; Van Damme, D; Muller, S.
(2018): Dual localized kinesin-12 POK2 plays multiple roles during cell division and interacts with MAP65-3
EMBO REP. 2018; 19(9): FullText FullText_BOKU

Kinesins are versatile nano-machines that utilize variable non-motor domains to tune specific motor microtubule encounters. During plant cytokinesis, the kinesin-12 orthologs, PHRAGMO-PLAST ORIENTING KINESIN (POK)1 and POK2, are essential for rapid centrifugal expansion of the cytokinetic apparatus, the phragmoplast, toward a pre-selected cell plate fusion site at the cell cortex. Here, we report on the spatio-temporal localization pattern of POK2, mediated by distinct protein domains. Functional dissection of POK2 domains revealed the association of POK2 with the site of the future cell division plane and with the phragmoplast during cytokinesis. Accumulation of POK2 at the phragmoplast midzone depends on its functional POK2 motor domain and is fine-tuned by its carboxy-terminal region that also directs POK2 to the division site. Furthermore, POK2 likely stabilizes the phragmoplast midzone via interaction with the conserved microtubule-associated protein MAP65-3/PLEIADE, a well-established microtubule cross-linker. Collectively, our results suggest that dual localized POK2 plays multiple roles during plant cell division.
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Hauser Marie-Theres
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