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Wang, S; Wu, W.
(2021): Validation of a simple hypoplastic constitutive model for overconsolidated clays
ACTA GEOTECH. 2021; 16(1): 31-41. FullText FullText_BOKU

Hypoplastic constitutive models are able to describe history dependence using a single nonlinear tensorial function with a set of parameters. A hypoplastic model including a structure tensor for consolidation history was introduced in our previous paper (Wang and Wu in Acta Geotechnica, 2020, The present paper focuses mainly on the model validation with experiments. This model is as simple as the modified Cam Clay model but with better performance. The model requires five parameters, which are easy to calibrate from standard laboratory tests. In particular, the model is capable of capturing the unloading behavior without introducing loading criteria. Numerical simulations of element tests and comparison with experiments show that the proposed model is able to reproduce the salient features of normally consolidated and overconsolidated clays.
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Wang Shun
Wu Wei
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