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Auer, KE; Kolbe, T; Laschalt, C; Rülicke, T.
(2023): Comparison of unilateral and bilateral embryo transfer in mice
LAB ANIM-UK. 2023; 57(4): 424-431. FullText FullText_BOKU

Surgical embryo transfer in mice is a key technique in assisted reproduction and applied for different purposes in biomedical research. Due to its frequent application in rodent facilities across the world, further improvement of the procedure can substantially contribute to fulfil the principles of the 3Rs. Here, we investigated the effect of bilateral and unilateral left- or right-sided oviduct transfers on the success of embryo transfers. In total, we performed 223 embryo transfers (56 unilateral left, 56 unilateral right, 111 bilateral), in which we transferred 10-14 two-cell embryos each. We found that the type of transfer significantly influenced both the pregnancy rate of recipients and the survival rate of transferred embryos. Bilateral transfers yielded higher pregnancy and survival rates than left-sided unilateral transfers. Right-sided unilateral transfers yielded higher pregnancy rates than left-sided unilateral transfers and did not differ in embryo survival rates from bilateral transfers. We found no evidence that the number of transferred embryos affected the pregnancy rate. However, the number of born pups increased with the number of transferred embryos. In conclusion, unilateral embryo transfers into the right reproductive tract yield equally high pregnancy and embryo survival rates as bilateral transfers. Given that a second abdominal incision can be prevented and the time of surgery can be reduced, we recommend applying unilateral right-sided transfers, as this would reduce postoperative pain and lower the impact on recipients.
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Kolbe Thomas

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