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Rosinger, C; Bodner, G; Bernardini, LG; Huber, S; Mentler, A; Sae-Tun, O; Scharf, B; Steiner, P; Tintner-Olifiers, J; Keiblinger, K.
(2023): Benchmarking carbon sequestration potentials in arable soils by on-farm research on innovative pioneer farms
PLANT SOIL. 2023; 488(1-2): 137-156. FullText FullText_BOKU

Purpose Tackling the global carbon deficit through soil organic carbon (SOC) sequestration in agricultural systems has been a focal point in recent years. However, we still lack a comprehensive understanding of actual on-farm SOC sequestration potentials in order to derive effective strategies. Methods Therefore, we chose 21 study sites in North-Eastern Austria covering a wide range of relevant arable soil types and determined SOC pool sizes (0-35 cm soil depth) in pioneer versus conventional management systems in relation to permanently covered reference soils. We evaluated physico-chemical predictors of SOC stocks and SOC quality differences between systems using Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. Results Compared to conventional farming systems, SOC stocks were 14.3 Mg ha(- 1) or 15.7% higher in pioneer farming systems, equaling a SOC sequestration rate of 0.56 Mg ha(- 1) yr(- 1). Reference soils however showed approximately 30 and 50% higher SOC stocks than pioneer and conventional farming systems, respectively. Nitrogen and dissolved organic carbon stocks showed similar patterns. While pioneer systems could close the SOC storage deficit in coarse-textured soils, SOC stocks in medium- and fine-textured soils were still 30-40% lower compared to the reference soils. SOC quality, as inferred by FTIR spectra, differed between land-use systems, yet to a lesser extent between cropping systems. Conclusions Innovative pioneer management alleviates SOC storage. Actual realized on-farm storage potentials are rather similar to estimated SOC sequestration potentials derived from field experiments and models. The SOC sequestration potential is governed by soil physico-chemical parameters. More on-farm approaches are necessary to evaluate close-to-reality SOC sequestration potentials in pioneer agroecosystems.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Bodner Gernot
Huber Sabine
Keiblinger Katharina
Mentler Axel
Rosinger Christoph
Sae-Tun Orracha
Scharf Bernhard
Tintner-Olifiers Johannes

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