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Voit, K; Neyer, A; Schwenn, M; Zeman, O.
(): Experimental determination of friction coefficients in the context of natural stone structures

Experimental determination of friction coefficients in the context of natural stone structures Protection constructions for slopes, banks and riverbeds using natural stones are becoming increasingly popular. When considering their operating principle, (1) natural stone structures with a supporting effect and (2) stone structures, that function solely by their weight, can be distinguished. The former is erected by exact placement of the individual stones, while weight effects can also be achieved by a thrown or dumped stone mass. Nevertheless, natural stone structures show a comparatively flexible design that can endure displacements in the order of some decimeters. Transmission of forces takes place stone to stone in case of non-mortared construction or via mortar material in case of mortared joints. Friction forces are transferred accordingly between the rocks or rock and mortar and can counteract possibly occurring earth pressure. There are a few approaches concerning structural design and dimensioning of natural stone structures, specific static analysis and calculations regarding the inner stability (sliding and toppling in the horizontal joint as well as mechanical rock failure) of these structures are missing. In this research project, attempts are made to experimentally deduce characteristic values for the design of natural rock structures and drawing conclusions about the inner stability of rock protection structures in a subsequent step.
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Schwenn Michael
Voit Klaus
Zeman Oliver
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