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Duboc, O; Steiner, K; Radosits, F; Wenzel, WW; Goessler, W; Santner, J.
(2019): Functional Recycling of Biobased, Borate-Stabilized Insulation Materials As B Fertilizer
ENVIRON SCI TECHNOL. 2019; 53(24): 14620-14629. FullText FullText_BOKU

Boron is a finite resource, which has been listed as a critical raw material in the EU since 2014. Glass, frits and ceramics production, as well as fertilizers are among the major uses of B. Moreover, about 50?000 t B have been applied as fire retardant and pest repellent in cellulose fiber insulation (CFI) in Europe since the 1980s. Here we propose the end-of-life utilization of borated CFI as B fertilizer, to decrease societal B consumption and to avoid costly and potentially environmentally harmful CFI incineration and deposition in landfills. In a case study, we show that CFI biochar can provide substantial amounts of B to rapeseed and sunflower, with the B plant-availability being comparable to sodium tetraborate, a conventional B fertilizer. The annual B fertilizer consumption of the EU is estimated at similar to 4000 t B yr(-1), which could be sustained by the B currently installed as CFI for >10 years. In addition, the annual use of B in CFI of 1100 t B yr(-1) could cover similar to 25% of the annual B fertilizer demand of the EU. Hence, conversion of CFI to B fertilizer provides a meaningful end-of-life strategy, which would contribute to a more resource-efficient and sustainable economy and to several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Duboc Olivier
Radosits Frank Karl
Santner Jakob
Wenzel Walter
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