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Burgstaller, S; Leeb, C; Ringler, M; Gollmann, G.
(2021): Demography and spatial activity of fire salamanders, Salamandra salamandra (Linnaeus,1758), in two contrasting habitats in the Vienna Woods
HERPETOZOA. 2021; 34: 23-34. FullText FullText_BOKU

Understanding population dynamics is vital in amphibian conservation. To compare demography and movements, we conducted a capture-recapture study over three spring seasons in two populations of Salamandra salamandra in the Vienna Woods. The study sites differ in topography, vegetation, and the type of breeding waters. Population density in a beech forest traversed by a stream was more than twice as high as in an oak-hornbeam forest with temporary pools. Movement distances were on average higher at the latter site whereas home range estimates were similar for both sites. The sexes did not differ significantly in the observed movement patterns at either site. Annual apparent survival was mostly high (similar to 0.85), but the estimate for females from the low-density site was lower (similar to 0.60), indicating a higher rate of emigration or mortality.
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