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Ferrer, MB; Solt-Rindler, A; Vay, O; Hansmann, C; Gindl-Altmutter, W.
(2023): Bark based porous materials obtained with a simple mechanical foaming procedure
EUR J WOOD WOOD PROD. 2023; 81(1): 61-71. FullText FullText_BOKU

Tree bark is a by-product of the wood industry and has currently only little use as raw material. In this study, spruce bark disintegrated into three different types of particles was used to obtain porous structures with a wide range of properties. The manufacturing process includes a simple mechanical foaming method, using bark particles, a common wood adhesive, a surfactant and water. Physical and mechanical characterization of the materials was carried out in terms of density, thermal conductivity, water uptake, compression resistance and microscopy observation. All materials produced presented a heterogeneous open porous structure. Thermal conductivity values range between 0.075 and 0.125 W m(-1) K-1, while the density values range between 100 and 650 kg/m(3). Water uptake percentage varies between groups but is stabilized after 24 h of immersion, and in some cases, the water uptake reaches up to 450%. Regarding the mechanical properties, they vary greatly showing a tendency of decreasing when adding higher amounts of surfactant.
Autor*innen der BOKU Wien:
Gindl-Altmutter Wolfgang
Hansmann Christian
Solt-Rindler Axel
Vay Oliver

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