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Schlogl, M; Widhalm, B; Avian, M.
(2021): Comprehensive time-series analysis of bridge deformation using differential satellite radar interferometry based on Sentinel-1
ISPRS J PHOTOGRAMM. 2021; 172: 132-146. FullText FullText_BOKU

We present a comprehensive methodological framework for structural deformation monitoring of critical infrastructure assets based on differential SAR interferometry. By employing persistent scatterer interferometry, deformation time series in line-of-sight are derived from freely available Sentinel-1 single look complex products. These raw time series are analysed and refined using an extensive post-processing chain to obtain daily rates for vertical and horizontal deformation components. The post-processing includes cleaning, smoothing and a temperature correction to account for different sensing times in ascending and descending orbits. Longitudinal clustering of time series is used to reveal spatial patterns in the single epoch deformation series. Seasonal trend decomposition of the aggregated time series is performed to separate deformation trends from seasonal deformations. The applicability of the framework is showcased at the example of an integral concrete bridge located in the port of Vienna. Results are validated against in situ deformation measurements. The presented framework constitutes a blueprint for the continuous monitoring of critical infrastructure assets using satellite interferometry, which may supplement conventional structural health monitoring.
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Schlögl Matthias
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Persistent scatterer interferometry
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