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Hauer, C; Holzapfel, P; Habersack, H; Tonolla, D.
(2016): The Importance of Hydrological, Morphological and Sedimentological Analysis in Hydropeaking Rivers for the Design of Mitigation Measures - Case Study Alpenrhein
WASSERWIRTSCHAFT. 2016; 106(1): 16-22.

Hydropeaking has been determined as one of the main pressures in alpine rivers and has been frequently addressed as high priority for mitigation of harmful impacts on aquatic ecosystems. However, multiple pressures like river regulation are present in alpine rivers with partially superimpose effects on aquatic ecology. Based on studies at the Alpenrhein and various rivers in Austria, the aim of the presented paper is to highlight crucial environmental factors and processes for the design of future mitigation measures in terms of hydropeaking.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Habersack Helmut
Hauer Christoph
Holzapfel Patrick

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