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Kabore, I; Oueda, A; Moog, O; Meulenbroek, P; Tampo, L; Bance, V; Melcher, H.
(2022): A benthic invertebrates-based biotic index to assess the ecological status of West African Sahel Rivers, Burkina Faso
J ENVIRON MANAGE. 2022; 307, 114503 FullText FullText_BOKU

Conserving aquatic resources in the West African Sahel requires water management tools to assess the ecological status of surface water bodies threatened by mounting pressures from agricultural intensification and urbanization. Macroinvertebrate communities of Sahelian rivers were examined to test if a multi-metric index approach could be developed to assess the ecological quality of rivers. A total of 40 sample sites falling within a continuum ranging from "unimpaired reference sites " to "impaired sites " were assessed during this study. Macro invertebrates were sampled with a hand net following a multi-habitat sampling approach. Key environmental parameters, both physico-chemical and hydro-morphologic, were recorded. More than 20 candidate metrics were evaluated in four categories: composition, functional feeding, diversity, and tolerance. We used detailed analysis procedures to exclude unsuitable metrics from the data set. After excluding redundant metrics, six-core metrics were selected to compose the Sahel River Multimetric Index (SRMI): Total-taxa, Shannon & Weiner index, EPTtaxa, ASPT-NEPBIOS and ASPT-SASS and Collector-filterers. The final index derived from these metrics was divided into five ecological quality classes (high, good, moderate, poor, and bad). The results showed that the SRMI responded to a set of environmental parameters associated with a gradient of human pressures affecting the ecological integrity of water bodies (R-2 & GE;|0.50|; p < 0.05; p < 0.001). This work produced a data base and analysis that confirms the usefulness of an unprecedented and promising tool for biological monitoring and decision-making in Sahelian regions' water management.
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Melcher Andreas
Meulenbroek Paul
Moog Otto
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