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Domig, K.J., Mayrhofer, S., Amtmann, E., Petersson, A., Mair, C., Mayer, H.K., Kneifel, W..
(2006): Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of Bifidbacterium pseudolongum isolates from the beef and pork production chain.
In: The SAFE Consortium - Banati, D., Flynn, Kl, Hofstra, H., Houben, G., Sebedio J.L.: First International Congress on Nutrition and Food Safety: Evaluation of Benefits and Risks, 11. - 14. June 2006, Budapest, Hungary, Volume I, Page 22; The SAFE Consortium; ISSN 1819-7779

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Domig Konrad
Kneifel Wolfgang
Mayer Helmut
Mayrhofer Sigrid
Petersson Agnes
Schwarz Christiane
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