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Liu, CX; Susilo, YO; Karlstrom, A.
(2017): Weather variability and travel behaviour - what we know and what we do not know
TRANSPORT REV. 2017; 37(6): 715-741. FullText FullText_BOKU

Given that severe weather conditions are becoming more frequent, it is important to understand the influence of weather on an individual's daily activity-travel pattern. While some previously rare events are becoming more common, such as heavy rain, unpredicted snow, higher temperatures, it is still largely unknown how individuals will change and adapt their travel patterns in future climate conditions. Because of this concern, the number of research studies on weather and travel behaviour has increased in recent decades. Most of these empirical studies, however, have not used a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) framework, which serves as the the main tool for policy evaluation and project selection by stakeholders. This study summarises the existing findings regarding relationships between weather variability and travel behaviour, and critically assesses the methodological issues in these studies. Several further research directions are suggested to bridge the gap between empirical evidence and current practices in CBA.
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Susilo Yusak
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