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Hacket-Pain, A; Foest, JJ; Pearse, IS; LaMontagne, JM; Koenig, WD; Vacchiano, G; Bogdziewicz, M; Caignard, T; Celebias, P; van Dormolen, J; Fernandez-Martinez, M; Moris, JV; Palaghianu, C; Pesendorfer, M; Satake, A; Schermer, E; Tanentzap, AJ; Thomas, PA; Vecchio, D; Wion, AP; Wohlgemuth, T; Xue, TT; Abernethy, K; Acuna, MCA; Barrera, MD; Barton, JH; Boutin, S; Bush, ER; Calderon, SD; Carevic, FS; de Castilho, CV; Cellini, JM; Chapman, CA; Chapman, H; Chianucci, F; da Costa, P; Croise, L; Cutini, A; Dantzer, B; DeRose, RJ; Dikangadissi, JT; Dimoto, E; da Fonseca, FL; Gallo, L; Gratzer, G; Greene, DF; Hadad, MA; Herrera, AH; Jeffery, KJ; Johnstone, JF; Kalbitzer, U; Kantorowicz, W; Klimas, CA; Lageard, JGA; Lane, J; Lapin, K; Ledwon, M; Leeper, AC; Lencinas, MV; Lira-Guedes, AC; Lordon, MC; Marchelli, P; Marino, S; Van Marle, HS; McAdam, AG; Momont, LRW; Nicolas, M; Wadt, LHD; Panahi, P; Pastur, GM; Patterson, T; Peri, PL; Piechnik, L; Pourhashemi, M; Quezada, CE; Roig, FA; Rojas, KP; Rosas, YM; Schueler, S; Seget, B; Soler, R; Steele, MA; Toro-Manriquez, M; Tutin, CEG; Ukizintambara, T; White, L; Yadok, B; Willis, JL; Zolles, A; Zywiec, M; Ascoli, D.
(2022): MASTREE plus : Time-series of plant reproductive effort from six continents
GLOBAL CHANGE BIOL. 2022; 28(9): 3066-3082. FullText FullText_BOKU

Significant gaps remain in understanding the response of plant reproduction to environmental change. This is partly because measuring reproduction in long-lived plants requires direct observation over many years and such datasets have rarely been made publicly available. Here we introduce MASTREE+, a data set that collates reproductive time-series data from across the globe and makes these data freely available to the community. MASTREE+ includes 73,828 georeferenced observations of annual reproduction (e.g. seed and fruit counts) in perennial plant populations worldwide. These observations consist of 5971 population-level time-series from 974 species in 66 countries. The mean and median time-series length is 12.4 and 10 years respectively, and the data set includes 1122 series that extend over at least two decades (>= 20 years of observations). For a subset of well-studied species, MASTREE+ includes extensive replication of time-series across geographical and climatic gradients. Here we describe the open-access data set, available as a.csv file, and we introduce an associated web-based app for data exploration. MASTREE+ will provide the basis for improved understanding of the response of long-lived plant reproduction to environmental change. Additionally, MASTREE+ will enable investigation of the ecology and evolution of reproductive strategies in perennial plants, and the role of plant reproduction as a driver of ecosystem dynamics.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Gratzer Georg
Pesendorfer Mario
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