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Stenzel, I; Hause, B; Maucher, H; Pitzschke, A; Miersch, O; Ziegler, J; Ryan, CA; Wasternack, C.
(2003): Allene oxide cyclase dependence of the wound response and vascular bundle-specific generation of jasmonates in tomato - amplification in wound signalling.
Plant J. 2003; 33(3):577-589

The allene oxide cyclase (AOC)-catalyzed step in jasmonate (JA) biosynthesis is important in the wound response of tomato. As shown by treatments with systemin and its inactive analog, and by analysis of 35S::prosysteminsense and 35S::prosysteminantisense plants, the AOC seems to be activated by systemin (and JA) leading to elevated formation of JA. Data are presented on the local wound response following activation of AOC and generation of JA, both in vascular bundles. The tissue-specific occurrence of AOC protein and generation of JA is kept upon wounding or other stresses, but is compromised in 35S::AOCsense plants, whereas 35S::AOCantisense plants exhibited residual AOC expression, a less than 10% rise in JA, and no detectable expression of wound response genes. The (i) activation of systemin-dependent AOC and JA biosynthesis occurring only upon substrate generation, (ii) the tissue-specific occurrence of AOC in vascular bundles, where the prosystemin gene is expressed, and (iii) the tissue-specific generation of JA suggest an amplification in the wound response of tomato leaves allowing local and rapid defense responses.
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