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Muster, T; Ferko, B; Klima, A; Purtscher, M; Trkola, A; Schulz, P; Grassauer, A; Engelhardt, OG; García-Sástre, A; Palese, P.
(1995): Mucosal model of immunization against human immunodeficiency virus type 1 with a chimeric influenza virus.
J Virol. 1995; 69(11):6678-6686

Previously, we constructed a chimeric influenza virus that expresses the highly conserved amino acid sequence ELDKWA of gp41 of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1). Antisera elicited in mice by infection with this chimeric virus showed neutralizing activity against distantly related HIV-1 isolates (T. Muster, R. Guinea, A. Trkola, M. Purtscher, A. Klima, F. Steindl, P. Palese, and H. Katinger, J. Virol, 68:4031-4034, 1994). In the present study, we demonstrated that intranasal immunizations with this chimeric virus are also able to induce a humoral immune response at the mucosal level. The immunized mice had ELDKWA-specific immunoglobulins A in respiratory, intestinal, and vaginal secretions. Sustained levels of these secretory immunoglobulins A were detectable for more than 1 year after immunization. The results show that influenza virus can be used to efficiently induce secretory antibodies against antigens from foreign pathogens. Since long-lasting mucosal immunity in the genital and intestinal tracts might be essential for protective immunity against HIV-1, influenza virus appears to be a promising vector for HIV-1-derived immunogens.
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Katinger Hermann
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