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Vaarst, M., Leeb, C., Nicolas, P., Roderick, S., Smolders, G., Walkenhorst, M., Brinkmann, J., March, S., Stöger, E., Gratzer, E., Winckler, C., Lund, V., Henriksen, B.I.F., Hansen, B., Neale, M., Whistance, L.K..
(2008): Development of animal health and welfare planning in organic dairy farming in Europe
In: Neuhoff, D. et al. (Hrsg.), Cultivating the Future Based on Science, p. 40-43; ISBN: 978-3-03736-027-9

Authors BOKU Wien:
Gratzer Elisabeth Theresia
Leeb Christine
Winckler Christoph

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