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Weissinger, H; Stich, K; Spornberger, A; Jezik, K.
(2008): Influence of Harvest progression on Fruit quality parameter of Early-ripening strawberry types
DEUT LEBENSM-RUNDSCH. 2008; 104(11-12): 59-66.

In this study, the influence of the harvest date on fruit quality characteristics of 5 early ripening strawberry cultivars was examined. The standard cultivar 'Elsanta' which is unsuitable for pathogen-infested soils, and 4 new early ripening cultivars which could be possible alternatives for 'Elsanta', were used. The analysis of fruit quality parameters at different harvest dates should point out the possibility of an optimal utilisation of early ripening strawberry cultivars. Fruit weight, fruit form index and fruit firmness were assessed on 5 dates, soluble dry matter, titratable acid, ascorbic acid, and electrochemical parameters were measured on 4 dates. In the average of all cultivars, fruit weight, fruit form index, fruit firmness, contents of soluble solids and titratable acid, sugar/acid ratio, pH and electrical resistance were significantly decreasing during harvest, whereas soluble dry matter, titratable acid, redox potential and P-value were significantly increasing. Ascorbic acid content was significantly higher on the 3(rd) harvest date than on the other dates. The fruits harvested in the beginning of the harvest period lend themselves to fresh marketing, due to a high fruit weight and a higher fruit firmness, and can be sold at high prices. The smaller fruits in the end of harvest are very suitable for processing because of their high concentration of substances. Concluding, besides the cultivar, the harvest date is also a decisive factor concerning fruit quality.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Jezik Karoline
Spornberger Andreas
Weissinger Helene

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