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Selected Publication:

Katzensteiner, K; Eckmüllner, O; Schume, H .
(2007): Katzensteiner, K., Eckmüllner, O., Schume, H., 2007. Hydrological models as decision support tools. In: Feger, K.H.Y.W., C. Bernhofer, J. Seegert (Editors) (Ed.), The Role of Forests and Forest Management in the Water Cycle, Contributions to the Sino-German Symposium, 27-30 November 2006, Dresden. Hydrological models as decision support tools?
Progress in Hydro Science and Engineering, 3, 85-86; ISSN 1866-8410

Authors BOKU Wien:
Eckmüllner Otto
Katzensteiner Klaus
Schume Helmut

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