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Kneifel, W., Paquin, P., Abert T., Richard, J-P..
(1991): Waterholding capacity of proteins with special regard to milk proteins and methodological aspects. A review.
J. Dairy Science, 74, 2027-2041

A review is presented dealing with the water-holding capacity of milk proteins as an essential functional property. After an introduction explaining this parameter and its various synonyms, a summary is given of the physicochemical fundamentals involved in determining the water-holding capacity of dairy products. The main section covers the published literature dealing with methods for examining the water-holding capacity. The following methods are described: the Baumann apparatus, viscosity strength measurement, the farinographic technique, the rehydration test, cryoscopic osmometry, the examination of sorption isotherms, the net test, centrifugation tests, the capillary volumeter, capillary suction potential measurement, pressure methods, differential scanning calorimetry, the filtration method, cooking tests, and the nuclear magnetic resonance technique.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Kneifel Wolfgang

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