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Dammgen, U; Amon, B; Hutchings, NJ; Haenel, HD; Rosemann, C.
(2012): Data sets to assess methane emissions from untreated cattle and pig slurry and solid manure storage systems in the German and Austrian emission inventories
LANDBAUFORSCHUNG-GER. 2012; 62(1-2): 1-19.

Methane emissions have to be reported within the Framework Convention on Climate Change. They are assessed according to the guidelines provided by IPCC. However, the methane conversion factors provided in the guidance documents published in 1996, 2000 and 2006 differ considerably. The literature available was inspected in order to establish those parameters that allow for the most adequate description of the situation in Germany and Austria. Matching pairs for maximum methane producing capacities (B-o) and methane conversion factors (MCF) were deduced for cattle and pig slurry and farmyard manure.
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Amon Barbara

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