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Osterreicher, M; Strauss, A.
(2013): Investigations on correlation-based determination of the damping of engineering structures
BETON- STAHLBETONBAU. 2013; 217-221.

Structures that are exposed to dynamic loads, basically respomd to the proposed energy with vibrations. The use of recent materials leads to increasing flexibilty and lean structures with reduced stiffness and weight. This development together with influences such as temperature, wind and traffic loads lead to bigger, frequent and faster structure movements. The damping of a structure or structural parts is, beside other system parameters like fe. natural frequency, modal displacements and deflections, an important parameter within system identification. In particular damping is an important parameter in the identification of a structure response to a dynamic excitation (fe. train passage or wind). Existing methods of calculating damping from dynamic measurements usually need manually evaluations of the measured data. This is from an econimical point of view not practicable for long term measurements on structures. The present work, therefore shows one method of automatic estimation of damping values for long term monitoring data based on correlation methods.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Strauss Alfred

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structural damping
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long term monitoring
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