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Waringer, J; Graf, W.
(2014): The larva of Oecetis tripunctata (Fabricius, 1793) (Trichoptera, Leptoceridae)
ZOOKEYS. 2014; (445): 117-126. FullText FullText_BOKU

Oecetis tripunctata is a widely distributed leptocerid in Europe, ranging from the Iberian and Apennine peninsulas and the Central and Western European highlands to the plains of Eastern Europe. The long, single-bladed mandibles are indicative for a predacious lifestyle. This paper describes the previously unknown larva of Oecetis tripunctata. Information on the morphology of the 5th larval instar is given, and the most important diagnostic features are illustrated. A synoptic key for the European species of Oecetis is also provided. In the context of existing identification keys the larva of O. tripunctata keys together with O. intima and O. notata. Oecetis tripunctata is separated from the other two species by the fact that a double row of long setal fringes is lacking at the hind tibiae and that several long setae are present on the protrochantinus.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Graf Wolfram

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