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Shaghasemi, BS; Dehghani, ES; Benetti, EM; Reimhult, E.
(2017): Host-guest driven ligand replacement on monodisperse inorganic nanoparticles
NANOSCALE. 2017; 9(26): 8925-8929. FullText FullText_BOKU

We demonstrate that crown ether-assisted ligand replacement on Fe3O4 NPs using halide salts leads to quantitative stripping of an existing stabilizer shell with unprecedented (complete) efficiency; this allows subsequent re-grafting of functional ligands at maximal surface density. The mechanism of the anion-driven ligand replacement is elucidated by varying the halide salt and the versatility by varying the re-grafted ligand.
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Reimhult Erik
Shirmardi Shaghasemi Behzad
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