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Stark, J; Weiss, C; Trigui, R; Franke, T; Baumann, M; Jochem, P; Brethauer, L; Chlond, B; Gunther, M; Klementschitz, R; Link, C; Mallig, N.
(2018): Electric Vehicles with Range Extenders: Evaluating the Contribution to the Sustainable Development of Metropolitan Regions
J URBAN PLAN DEV. 2018; 144(1): FullText FullText_BOKU

Electric vehicles play a key role in strategic development plans of urban regions in Europe because they are seen as a promising technology to promote environmental quality, livability, and sustainability. Studies on electric mobility mostly concentrate on battery electric cars and disregard hybrid technologies which could address the weakness of range limitations. Therefore, this paper studies the impact of extended range electric vehicle (EREV) solutions on travel behavior, energy demand, environment, and overall sustainable development in the greater Stuttgart region in Germany. An integrated large-scale simulation approach merging different models is applied for future scenarios in 2025. The results show that with EREVs (1)most travel patterns can be fulfilled, (2)the impact on electricity generation is marginal, and (3)there is a high potential to reduce local emissions in areas with high traffic density. Overall, electric mobility is evaluated as one component toward sustainable development in the study area. This study demonstrates the complexity of the topic and highlights the importance of addressing this issue with a multidisciplinary approach.
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Klementschitz Roman
Link Christoph
Stark Juliane
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