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Ly, D; Mayrhofer, S; Domig, KJ.
(2018): Significance of traditional fermented foods in the lower Mekong subregion: A focus on lactic acid bacteria
FOOD BIOSCI. 2018; 26: 113-125. FullText FullText_BOKU

Food fermentation technologies have developed through years of experience rather than scientific findings. Therefore, many small-scale manufacturers are unwilling to accept changes and to modify fermentation processes. Still, traditional fermented foods have had an essential role in human nutrition for thousands of years. A wide range of diverse cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood, and meat are used as raw materials for the production of these fermented foods by back-slopping (a process where material from a previous successful batch is added to facilitate the initiation of a new batch) or naturally occurring microorganisms. Various microorganisms that influence the quality, safety, sensory properties, acceptability, and consistency of these products are present. Lactic acid bacteria with their beneficial characteristics are generally a significant contributor. Identification and profiling of microorganisms in fermented foods are of particular interest. But so far such information has not been explored in detail for some fermented products from the lower Mekong subregion. Improving the safety, quality, and acceptability of fermented foods, while reducing their production costs and maintaining their authenticity and uniqueness, is important. This can be achieved through starter culture application and greater attention to food safety, such as HACCP approaches. Recent scientific advances have led to the development of defined microbial starters, leading to the transfer of artisanal food production to more controlled and industrialized fermentation. The aim of this review is to determine the gaps in the knowledge of traditional fermented foods of the lower Mekong subregion and to present current information on the diversity of involved microorganisms. These data will be helpful for defining future strategies toward the sustainable production of safe fermented foods particularly those from southeast Asia.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Domig Konrad
Mayrhofer Sigrid
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