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Schobesberger, J; Lichtneger, P; Hauer, C; Habersack, H; Sindelar, C.
(2020): Three-Dimensional Coherent Flow Structures during Incipient Particle Motion
J HYDRAUL ENG. 2020; 146(5), 04020027 FullText FullText_BOKU

In this study, 3D coherent flow structures during incipient particle entrainment under unidirectional flow conditions were experimentally investigated. Time-resolved tomographic particle tracking velocimetry (TOMO-PTV) and the shake the box (STB) algorithm were applied to measure 3D-velocities in a hydraulic laboratory flume. Quadrant and octant analyses were performed, their probabilities of occurrence were determined, and the Q-criterion was used to visualize the dominant 3D-flow structures during particle dislodgement. The results showed that octants related to sweeps and ejections were dominant with a probability of 70%. Fifty ms prior to particle entrainment, only one single contributing octant was observed. At particle entrainment, a sweep, three retrograde vortices, and a prograde vortex paired with a retrograde vortex were identified in the flow field. Considering the whole measurement volume, a group of three hairpin-like structures passed the particle during entrainment. In conclusion, the TOMO-PTV method is well suited and enables novel insights on the interaction between coherent structures and incipient sediment motion.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Habersack Helmut
Hauer Christoph
Lichtneger Petr
Schobesberger Johannes
Sindelar Christine

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