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Greter, R; Meyer, M; Pinter, K; Doring, M; Schweizer, S; Unfer, G; Lautsch, E.
(2021): Migration of lake running brown trout in the Hasliaare 2019 in context of abiotic factors
WASSERWIRTSCHAFT. 2021; 111(2-3): 33-40.

In this study the effects of abiotic factors (discharge, water temperature, turbidity, light and weather conditions) on the behaviour of lake running brown trout (Salmo trutta) during spawning up- and downstream migration in the Hasliaare, Switzerland, were investigated. Trouts were counted during spawning migration in a residual flow section of the Hasliaare. The fish counting system consisted of a counting chamber (resistivity fish counter including several monitoring cameras) and a fish weir. 269 lake running brown trout movements were recorded between 15.09.2019 and 30.12.2019. Point pattern comparison was used to distinguish 104 trouts individually with 66.3 % females and 33.7 % males. Water temperatures below 4.9 degrees C interrupted or inhibited upstream spawning migration in the residual flow section of the Hasliaare. During downstream migration, activity increased at low barometric pressure and increased flows supported downstream migration of males and large females (6.0 cm). Furthermore, the entire migration preferably occurred in darkness.
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