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Graf, M; Immitzer, M; Hietz, P; Stangl, R.
(2021): Water-Stressed Plants Do Not Cool: Leaf Surface Temperature of Living Wall Plants under Drought Stress
SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL. 2021; 13(7), 3910 FullText FullText_BOKU

Urban green infrastructures offer thermal regulation to mitigate urban heat island effects. To gain a better understanding of the cooling ability of transpiring plants at the leaf level, we developed a method to measure the time series of thermal data with a miniaturized, uncalibrated thermal infrared camera. We examined the canopy temperature of four characteristic living wall plants (Heuchera x cultorum, Bergenia cordifolia, Geranium sanguineum, and Brunnera macrophylla) under increasing drought stress and compared them with a well-watered control group. The method proved suitable to evaluate differences in canopy temperature between the different treatments. Leaf temperatures of water-stressed plants were 6 to 8 degrees C higher than those well-watered, with differences among species. In order to cool through transpiration, vegetation in green infrastructures must be sufficiently supplied with water. Thermal cameras were found to be useful to monitor vertical greening because leaf surface temperature is closely related to drought stress. The usage of thermal cameras mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles could be a rapid and easy monitoring system to cover large facades.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Gräf Michael
Hietz Peter
Immitzer Markus
Stangl Rosemarie

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