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Hatlauf, J; Krendl, LM; Tintner, J; Griesberger, P; Heltai, M; Markov, G; Viranta, S; Hacklander, K.
(2021): The canine counts! Significance of a craniodental measure to describe sexual dimorphism in canids: Golden jackals (Canis aureus) and African wolves (Canis lupaster)
MAMM BIOL. 2021; 101(6): 871-879. FullText FullText_BOKU

Sexual dimorphism is a widespread phenomenon among mammals, including carnivorans. While sexual dimorphism in golden jackals (Canis aureus) has been analysed in the past, in the related and apparently convergent canid, the African wolf (Canis lupaster), it is poorly studied and showed to be relatively small. Previously, sexual size dimorphism (SSD) research in these species was mostly based on skull and body measurements. In our study, we also included dental measurements, namely the diameter of the canine. We used 11 measured sections of 104 adult specimens, comprising 61 golden jackal and 43 African wolf skulls. Data analyses were carried out through logistic regression and conditional inference trees (CIT). To compare the results of SSD to other species, sexual dimorphism indices (SDI) were calculated. Golden jackals and African wolves show significant sexual size dimorphism, both in cranial and dental size. The logistic regression revealed that the mesiodistal diameter of the upper canine is most effective in discerning the sexes. The difference in the calculated SDI of the canine diameter between the sexes amounted to 8.71 in golden jackals and 14.11 in African wolves, respectively-with regional diversity. Thus, the canine diameter is an important measure to investigate SSD as well as an easy tool to apply in the field.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Griesberger Paul
Hackländer Klaus
Hatlauf Jennifer
Tintner-Olifiers Johannes

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